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Villeroy & Boch

Good quality dinnerware and tableware are a perfect highlight for corporate dinner. It’s even better when the dinnerware is branded, personalised and has a rich history from manufacturers who’ve shaped the cutlery market for years. One such manufacturer is Villeroy & Boch.

History Of Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch, a large manufacturer of ceramics, began in 1748, in the tiny Lorraine village of Audun le Tiche, in France. Ironmaster, François Boch, set up a pottery company with his three sons, and in 1766, they were licensed to build a ceramics kiln works at Septfontaines, Luxembourg. In 1785, one of his sons, Nicholas Villeroy, became sole owner of the faience manufactory at Wallerfangen, and on 1812 his other son, Jean-François Boch, began construction of kilns at Mettlach, Saarland, signifying the growth of the company. At this time, Boch was working on technological improvements hence he began to transfer print on porcelain from engraved copper plates, in 1824. The brothers then thought it wise to reduce competition amongst them, consequently officially merging on April 14, 1836, to form Villeroy and Boch. The company, which is popularly referred to as V&B, opened its first manufactory in 1869, specialising in architectural tiles, and expanding into tiles for flooring and revetments, tableware, and fine plumbing fixtures.

Currently, the company’s headquarters are located in Mettlach, Germany, and has a significant presence in the country, and the rest of Europe. In fact, according to Gruner + Jahr, V&B has the fifth-highest name recognition among German consumers, out of 325 brands of household goods.

V&B Innovations In Tableware

The company’s innovations, notably in tableware have made it one of the most respected ceramics manufacturers in the world today. In 1829, Jean- François Boch developed stoneware that used feldspath. Referred to as “feldspathic ware”, the ceramic was remarkably strong and durable and had a brilliant whiteness similar to Chinese porcelain. The company also began producing bone china, also redefining ceramics customisation, by undertaking experiments on the use of colour lithography for imprinting patterns on china. In the 19th century, the phanolith, which was a type of semi-transparent porcelain that combined the benefits and characteristics of pate-sur-pate and jasperware, was created. The creation was so popular that it gained public attention at the Paris Exposition Universelle. 

Other innovations include the vitreous porcelain which is hard and resistant to scratches and Fine Vilbo China, which combines the sturdy vitreous porcelain and the refined porcelain white.

Why V&B Products Are Exclusive And Innovative

The rich history and years of experience have made it possible for Villeroy & Boch to create timeless elegant, innovative tableware designs and outstanding quality. For example, The Alt Luxembourg crockery series was an artistic collection, dating back to the Brindille pattern introduced by Pierra-Joseph in 1770. Items in this series included a rocaille hanging flowerpot and a crucifix base with snake symbol, exhibits that can be found at the Mettlach Ceramics Museum.

Based on this tradition, designers and product managers work to create collections and concepts that are not only exclusive but also stylish, with an executive feel. Resultantly, V&B products make impressive and valuable customised promotional tableware.

Concepts and collections such as the colour concept collection have redefined dining. V&B in this case, has used colours to define a mood or holiday theme, add character and height to the dinner table. Additionally, you can complement your brand colours at a corporate event.

The New Wave dinnerware collection is stylish modern dinnerware with signature shapes and curved accents. It’s the perfect choice for creative marketers looking to leave a lasting impression, thanks to the minimal yet, functional but sleek tableware. For maximum effect, this look is complemented with similar glassware and cutlery.

In case you are seeking to improve the office kitchen, the colourful life collection is a perfect break from all meetings, thanks to the burst of colour. The V&B blended 6 colours harmoniously with one another, to offer different options for decorating your dinner table. To ensure that this collection perfectly fits your brand’s image, it’s essential to choose dinnerware that contains your brand colours. Interestingly too, the colourful life collection is great for dinnerware that’s season themed. For example, you can choose the green of an apple to celebrate spring.

How To Get Stylish Personalised V&B Tableware At Mugstore

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We also offer a broad range of personalisation techniques, which we know can be a little intimating to clients who don’t understand the process. Thankfully, we have created a mug printing guide to enable our customers to learn more about what we do. You’re also guaranteed of professional service and valuable advice, thanks to our customer service team which is always happy to speak to you and send free samples when appropriate.