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Branded Company Tableware

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Corporate Tableware Makes Business Sense

Looking to impress clients or customers during a boardroom meeting? Keep their focus on your brand with our beautiful range of printed tableware for all your corporate events.

Why You Should Consider Branded Tableware

  • They Are Powerful Assets At Corporate Events

According to E-marketer, 88% of U.K marketers use social media to increase awareness about their event before they occur. Word will spread faster when there are people who are willing to spread the word on social media platforms, which means that they must be proud to associate with the business.

During an event, the same goal can be achieved with proper branding. Normally, everyone would want their followers to know that they attended an enviable corporate event, and so would post photos and videos of the event. This means that in addition to great decor, you need to ensure that your tableware is branded.

This means that napkins, placeholders, seating cards, plates, cups and forks, are stamped with your logo. Not only will your brand perception improve, but also people will walk away thinking that they had a great time, while also thinking that they need to learn more about your business.

  • They Are Great Promotional Gifts

Companies are willing to spend more on corporate gifts and appreciating their most loyal clients. Since corporate gifts are naturally valuable items. You could therefore consider gifting your clients with a set of quality, branded tableware, which is not only a practical option, but a sensitive one as well. Being part of your clients’ dinner or breakfast, as they share it with their family and friends, improves their perception of your brand, and advertises the business.

In fact, the set can serve as a great ice breaker or conversation starter, and before people know it, they are talking about your business, finding out how they can engage with you.

How To Choose The Best Tableware

  • Choose The Right Size

Since you will definitely need to store your office tableware, you need to consider available storage, and ascertain that those big beautiful plates will fit in the cupboard or shelf. Also, ensure that the tableware, especially the plates can perfectly fit into the dishwasher.

  • Customise Them

It is best to buy plain tableware, which act as a plain canvas, and personalise them according to your needs. Plain however, does not necessarily mean that the colours must be white. Choose tableware that compliment your logo and brand colours, then you can play with the artwork.

  • Buy Enough Pieces

If you are hosting 100 guests, it is wise to buy a set that could serve about 110 guests, since you need to account for over-attendance. After all, you will not turn down the CEO of a company simply because he was not invited.

  • Buy Sets For Specific Occasions

It is imperative that you don’t come off as a cheap person to your associates. This means that you strictly need to separate tableware for special occasions from those used daily at the office.

For special occasions, make sure that tableware is branded to complement the event. For example, if the brand is launching a campaign, you should simply print your logo and campaign message on the tableware.

This actually creates a different level of brand recognition, especially for people who would want to be specifically associated with a particular initiative, as opposed to the company as a whole.

  • Invest In Quality

Nobody wants to get scalds while holding their plates, or have their plate disfigure because it cannot handle the heat, something that happens when you compromise on quality. Hence, invest in high quality tableware made of bone China, porcelain or ceramics.

Varieties That Exist At Mugstore

We have different types of tableware, made of high quality materials such as bone china, porcelain and ceramics.

For your stylish breakfast and dinnerware options, you can opt for the following.

  • V&B classic teapot
  • V&B classic sugar bowl
  • V&B classic creamer
  • V&B classic indie cup
  • V&B Indie party plate
  • Imperial cream jug
  • Imperial cup or mug
  • Traditional coffee pot
  • Imperial saucer
  • Torino cup and saucer

You are spoilt for choice, with capacity choices ranging from 50ml to 1200ml, as well as up to 4-colour design/logo type.

Here’s What To Do When You Don’t Find What You Are Looking For

In case you don’t find what you are looking for, feel free to call us or engage in a live chat, where you will place your order and also receive recommendations.