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Printed Beer / Pint Glasses

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Printed Beer Glasses

Pint glasses are a form of drinkware made to hold a pint of 20 fluid ounces (568 ml) - typically used for your favourite beer! They became popular in the UK in the early/mid 20th century, replacing tankards as the most preferred drinkware. Of course, we offer other types of mug printing too!

Interestingly, there’s a UK law on how to serve beer. Draught beer must be sold in an imperial measure, which is best measured in certified one-pint or half-pint glasses. Additionally, it’s illegal to sell beer in unmeasured glasses without using some other type of calibrated measure. Creative marketers have consequently abided to this law and also ensured that they buy promotional pint glasses to increase brand awareness and reach. One alternative to these are printed plastic cups, which can also hold beer or other alcohol.

Why beer glasses make eye-catching promotional products

Customised beer glasses are ideal for fun sporting promotions, beer festivals, hotels, pubs, cafes and restaurants. Additionally, pint glass collecting is a popular way of tourists to commemorate their visits to popular tourist destinations. Commonly, tourists will collect souvenir pint glasses from sports arenas and microbreweries, since such locations sell promotional pint glasses personalised with their logos screen printed or engraved on the glass. Of course, if you're on the move, then it's best taking a branded travel mug instead!

What’s even more fascinating about this is that brewery enthusiasts sometimes travel thousands of kilometres to visit where their favourite beer is brewed, or only party at clubs that brew their own beers. As a result, these enthusiasts end up collecting pint glasses, with collectors displaying their collections in display cases or shelves at their homes and offices. This behaviour by beer enthusiasts presents a viable marketing avenue. For example, you can make customised pint glasses for a beer festival, which will be proudly displayed by collectors in their homes and offices, thereby marketing your business.

Standard Shapes Of Pint Glasses

  • Conical Pint Glasses

Conical beerglasses are shaped like an inverted truncated cone. They’re usually about 6 inches tall, tapering by about an inch in diameter over their height. Conical pint glasses are often preferred because they’re taller rather than wide, are quite durable and are easy to stack.

  • Nonic Beer Glasses

These are traditional English-style pint glasses that hold an imperial pint, and are popularly used to serve English ales and lagers. They have a slight variation to the conical design, bulging out a couple of inches from the top, forming a curved lip. The design, which was invented by Hugo Pick, of Albert Pick & Co. was intended to improve grip, stop the rim from chipping, reduce breakage when tipped over and also prevent the glasses from sticking together when stacked.

  • Tulip Pint Glasses

Tulip pint glasses have a taller shape, which flares out towards the top. Typically, these pint glasses are associated with continental lagers, or promotional campaigns by breweries etched with the beer’s label. These glasses offer character, making them the perfect choice for marketers who want to make a statement. They’re also durable and can be stacked easily hence save on space. Also, they trap your beer’s aroma and help in maintaining large heads, creating an olfactory and visual sensation, making them the best choice for serving Irish stouts, Irish ales, porters, red ales, English ales and cream ales.

  • Can-shaped Pint Glasses

Can-shaped pint glasses are shaped like a standard beverage or beer can, including an inverted lip and straight cylindrical sides. Although seemingly simple, these glasses are a creative and trendy way to serve beer. They’re mostly popular because of their lip design, and vertical space to creatively print your brand message without worrying whether the design makes the glass look too crammed up. They’re also about 40% lighter than conical glasses, and less prone to tipping despite lack of need for a heavy base for stability.

  • Jug or Tankard Pint Glasses

Jug pint glasses, which are also referred to as tankard glasses, are shaped like a large mug with a handle. On the outside, the glasses are moulded with a grid pattern of thickened glass, forming dimples. These dimples prevent the glass from slipping out of the fingers as they are washed, thereby emphasising on strength and ability to withstand frequent manual washing. From the 1960s, the dimple design became less important when manual washing was replaced with machine washing. Consequently, jug pint glasses became rarer than other types of pint glasses, and they’re therefore now considered as traditional pint glasses, making a personalised promotional jug glass the perfect classic promotional gift for the older generation of clients or business partners. Tankard styles are available in our ceramic mugs section too.

Finding Customised Promotional Pint Glasses At Mug Store

At Mugstore, you’ll find different types of personalised pint glasses, for the right occasion. A few of these glasses include Hawarth half pint tankard, conique pint glass, tulip half pint glass and jubilee pint glass. Should you have a specific promotional pint glass in mind which you can’t see here, kindly let our customer service team know. Additionally, feel free to request for a free quotation, and also make any comments and suggestions. For a healthier touch, mugstore also offers water bottle printing