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Branded Travel Mugs

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Printed and Branded Travel Mugs

Equip your sales team, customers or any company ambassadors with a travel mug to keep your brand visible on the move.

Here’s How Useful Travel Mugs  Are For Salespeople

  • They Increase Brand Awareness And Recognition

Travel mugs filled with coffee or tea turn the morning commute from a bleary eyed task into a much more bearable journey. It's no wonder therefore that often, when sitting in traffic, you might notice the person driving next to you will have a travel mug fitted somewhere on the dashboard.

When this person is your employee, carrying a branded mug, then you should be sure that they are advertising your business, thereby increasing awareness of your organisation.

In addition to this, as your employee sips his coffee from a branded travel mug, which he opted to carry in the bus on his way home, he increases your brand awareness too. People will obviously notice his branded mug, and perhaps engage him in a conversation.

In other cases, people can actually ask how they could get such a mug, and they will be sent to your office, where you could offer a free mug after with a new purchase.

As revealed in a BPMA research, promotional mugs are the longest kept promotional product. Even better, is that 94% of people remember a brand after using a mug provided by a business. The same happes for our personalised water bottles, which are printed in the UK.

This means that you could actually extend your proposal from just travel mugs for employees, but also promotional travel mugs that you could give to your customers.

Why Quality Matters When Choosing A Travel Mug

As established, travel mugs are a marketing tool. This means that a poor quality mug will only sell you off as a cheap brand, which will also cause prospects to question the quality of products and services rendered by your business. One of the most popular ranges of travel mug are Americano Mugs which have a separate category on Mugstore.

How To Choose The Best Travel Mug

As you seek to market your business using branded travel mugs, it is also important that you invest in high quality mugs that your sales team will not only find safe to carry, but also happy to do so.

Here are key things to look out for:

  • Excellent Heat Retention

Considering external temperatures, your sales team obviously needs a travel mug that will retain heat as long as possible. Although they might not expect the mug to keep their drink hot for a whole day, it should at least keep their coffee at drinkable temperature for a long time.

For this reason, ensure that you buy double-walled travel mugs, which guarantee heat retention for long hours. As you keep this in mind, also note that heat retention is also dependent on their practices, as we cannot ignore the laws of physics.

Make sure that they fill their travel mugs with hot water, before pouring in beverage, as this will prevent heat loss, which usually happens when mugs are filled when they are at room temperature.

  • Durable Material

An ideal travel mug should withstand the minor accidents that occur especially when one is rushing. It should therefore not break when it is accidentally hit off the kitchen counter, or falls when one hurriedly tries to open the car door. Personalised plastic mugs are perfect when you need a durable material.

  • Leak-Proof Seals

Nobody likes appearing for an early morning sales pitch meeting, looking like they fell into a pool of water. To prevent this from happening to your team, only invest in travel mugs that have seal-proof seals, since your salesman should be able to drink from it without fear of spills or dribbles.

  • One-Hand Usability

Additionally, a travel mug should allow the user to multi-task. For example, open the mug and drink while the other hand is on the wheel. This means that the seal should not only be leak-proof, but also easy to open with one hand.

  • Easy To Clean

Lastly, a travel mug should be easy to clean, to get rid of any bacterial build-up that could cause your employees stomach upsets. This means that the openings need to be wide enough, lids are easy to disassemble, with minimal number of nooks and crannies. Branded glassware carries this properties too.

Where Do You Get The Best Travel Mugs?

To make your investment worthwhile, it is prudent to use a branding company that will not only offer the highest print quality, but also ensure that the blank mugs are of the desired quality. This is exactly what happens at Mug Store.