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Branded Mugs and Promotional Cups

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  • 185ml
  • Dinky Durham Mug
    • Capacity - 185ml
    • Height - 80mm
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Printed Office Mugs for Business Promotion

Some marketers don’t pay attention to office mugs, dismissing them as unnecessary expenditure. Well, these seemingly cliché items are the key to office culture and workplace branding.

How Branded Mugs Benefit Businesses

Branded mugs market your business in more ways than one. Including the following;

  • They Increase Brand Awareness

In an office where everyone is aware of the business, brand awareness works in a different way, which plays out when you are hosting visitors. For example, when hosting meetings in your boardroom with other players in the industry, hot drinks served using your office utensils offer you another chance of selling yourself.

By serving visitors or potential clients in mugs, like our promotional ceramic mugs, you emphasise that you are also a major player in the business. Additionally, team work in the office is enhanced, which is great at improving output quality, morale and retention. By sharing a cup of tea during tea break, your employees definitely take the time off to unwind, know each other better, and create friendships, a great stimulant for friendlier operations in teams. Consequently, you will notice the team working with better synergy, being more motivated at the workplace, and enjoying a more empowered way of working, which is essential in helping individuals do their jobs properly.

  • They Have Brand Impact

Taking time to brand office mugs speaks volumes to a potential investor or client, by showing that you pay attention to detail, and are innovative, consequently leaving a good impression. In an investor’s eye, this act shows that you are ready to do what it takes, in a creative manner, to increase sales, and drive the business further. Another way to do this is through using branded water bottles. A client will understand that the care you have shown to employees by giving them quality mugs is the same kind of considerate care you will give to the service offered.

  • They Change Perception

When studying consumer psychology, it was found out that gifts cause consumers to switch brands. Unsurprisingly, this is what happens in the corporate world, where employees will remain loyal to an employer due to branded gifts, in this case, a promotional drinkware or promotional travel mug.  Predictably, marketers who don’t invest in quality mugs end up achieving the opposite, seeming as a cheap lot, thereby driving off great clients. This means that you need to invest in good office mugs. 

Top Types Of Printed Mugs

  • Ceramic Branded Mugs

Ceramic mugs have a reputation of being stylish and attractive, making them popular corporate gifts. Ceramic mugs are great thermal insulators due to their porosity, and handle extreme changes in temperature excellently, ensuring that they don’t break. This means that ceramic office mugs are not only of high-quality, but are durable too. Shop at Mugstore and choose from a wide array of ceramic mugs, ranging from Sparta mug, bell mug, Newbury mug, Sandfield mug, to the matt finish quadra mug.

  • Printed Bone China

Bone china is a very strong material made by combining classic ceramic clays and calcinated cow bones. It is the strongest of the China ceramics, with high mechanical strength and chip resistance. Mugstore specialises in bone china mug printing to this effect. Due to the bone ash, bone china mugs have a high level of whiteness, which adds to their beauty. At Mugstore, you can find different high-quality bone china office mugs ranging from opal bone china, gem bone china, the artistic hour glass bone china, and chic marquee bone china office mug.

  • Etched Office Mugs

Etched mugs have defined personalisation, making it easier for brands to communicate via office mugs. Through etching, an innovative printing method where the outer ceramic layer of a mug is removed by sandblasting, your business can imprint 3D designs on an office mug. Better yet, you can choose a cup shape design and colour, which perfectly complements your 3D design. You are spoilt for choice, courtesy of the variety at Mugstore, ranging from Durham colourcoat etched mug, quadra etched mug, and the elegant marrow etched mug.

  • Colour Coat/ Pantone Matched Mugs

Colour matched mugs are a speciality at Mugstore, and a trend especially for businesses out to woo potential clients and business associates. By spray coating in a choice of pantone colours, designs can be screen printed on an office mug. Consequently, you end up with a mug with the exact intricate designs as intended, giving you a unique finished product, and attractive and better customised corporate gift. Additionally, you can play with the cup design, for example choose the bell colourcoat mug, to make an office mug classier. These can be paired with our printed coaster range for added effect.