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Promotional Printed Bone China Mugs

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  • 340ml
  • 265ml
  • 340ml
  • 265ml
  • Windsor Trent Bone China Mug
    • Capacity - 350ml
    • Height - 108mm
    From £2.15 Incl. Tax: £2.58
    Min Qty: 72
    Estimated delivery: 23 August
  • Life Mug
    • Capacity - 340ml
    • Height - 100mm
    From £3.58 Incl. Tax: £4.30
    Min Qty: 72
    Estimated delivery: 30 August
  • Tall Waist Mug
    • Capacity - 340ml
    • Height - 120mm
    From £3.56 Incl. Tax: £4.27
    Min Qty: 72
    Estimated delivery: 30 August
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Bone China Mugs are perfect branding items

Wake up and smell the coffee with our range of bone china mugs. Bone china mugs are a classy addition to any office, boardroom or as a high-value giveaway, making them valuable customised promotional items.

What Makes a Bone China Mug?

Bone china is a type of porcelain, made from a mixture of very refined clay and calcined bone ash. The mixture is fired at over 1200°C, retaining a pure white colour, and creating a translucent product. Although it has a very delicate and refined look, it’s considered one of the most durable ceramics. To get the best quality of bone china, there should be at least 30% to 45% bone added into the mixture. Of course, this will also determine how white the end product will be.

Printing Techniques Used On Promotional Mugs

  • Direct Screen Printing

Direct screen printing is the best option for companies on a budget. It’s used to imprint simple design and logos, where up to 4 colours could be printed on the mug’s main body. Although half-tone and shaded colours are not suitable for this method of personalisation, Pantone matching any print colour is always possible. All our business mugs can also be screen printed

  • Transfer Printing

This is a specialist method of printing, where a water-based transfer is created using professional paper, and a coating that allows you to imprint the brand message on the mug, by hand. This process involves manual application and takes longer than direct screen printing, but has the advantage of better intricate details and precision. Larger print areas can be achieved than with screen printing, and what’s better is that additional print area options are available, which include the mug’s handle, base or interior.

At Mug store, your account manager will recommend the best type of print to suit your design requirements – just customise your product, request a quote, and we’ll be right back to you!

  • Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is regarded as one of the most eco-friendly customisation techniques. A special coating is applied on the mugs, after which a wrap-around paper print is used and the reversed out design adheres to the coating. The result is a clear, bright and sharply finished personalised promotional mug. In case you need to add images into your design, the same dye sublimation full-colour printing technique is used. This method is used for full colour printed mugs

When To Use Bone China Mugs

Due to their stylish and glossy finish, bone china products are considered to be used for special occasions instead of everyday use. However, though, they are also perfect for everyday use, because they’re robust enough to withstand it. This makes bone china mugs the perfect addition to your corporate dinner dinnerware set and customised promotional items for your marketing campaign.

For a touch of class in your corporate dinner or sponsored event, experts advise on employing the five-piece set, which includes a dinner plate, salad/desert plate, bread plate as well as a cup and saucer. Using bone china dinnerware will definitely complement the aura of the evening, emphasising on your sense of taste and excellent quality. Additionally, its lightweight nature will add a touch of elegance.


5 Bone China Mugs You Should Order At Mugstore

  • Opal Bone China Mug

The Opal china mug is a very fancy mug characterised by an attractive handle. Sipping coffee from this mug is definitely comfortable for your clients and guests since the cup won’t get heated from the outside, retaining the coffee’s temperature for longer, making it the perfect choice for seminars and meetings.

  • Balmoral Bone China Mug

The Balmoral china mug is one of our leading bone china mugs, thanks to its elegant shape, and simple yet classy look. It’s about 8 cm tall and 7.5 cm in diameter and is made of high gloss white bone china. The mug is much thinner than standard ceramic mugs, making it lightweight, and easy to sip coffee with.

  • Windsor Bone China Mug

The Windsor china mug adds a bit of character with slightly folded lips and great height. It’s actually one of our tallest mugs at Mugstore. It’s also pure white in colour, hence enhances vibrant colours during the sublimation process done to personalise it.

  • Marquee Bone China Mug

The marquee mug is the best choice for marketers and businesses who want to shift from the norm. This isn’t an ordinary mug, featuring gracefully rounded lines at the base, shaping up like a cone, slightly shaped lips, artistic handle with a sturdy grip, and a great capacity of 285ml. Made out of the finest bone china, the marquee bone china is sturdy, thus can withstand years of microwave and dishwasher use.