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Branded bone china mugs - a quality gift

The mug was one of the first items used to promote businesses. Companies have been printing their logo and name on mugs for years. Today, they have proven to be just as effective as when they were first introduced as a promotional tool.

Bone china mugs are an excellent choice of promotional product for those who want to create a perception of quality, elegance and sophistication around their company. Bone china is considered to be one of the best kinds of materials with which to make mugs and other dinnerware, as it is incredibly lightweight and sleek, yet robust. Bone china mugs branded with your company’s promotional message will last for years, ensuring that you have a long-term, affordable form of advertisement for your business.

Mugs are something which are in regular use throughout the day, from the first cup of coffee in the morning to the last cup of tea at night. People often say that tea tastes better when drunk out of a china cup or mug; whether or not this is true, there is certainly an association of superior quality with Bone china mugs.

Text and images which are seen every day often become cemented in our mind; without realising it, we become so familiar with certain pictures or textual advertisements, that we could recite the information off in our sleep. This is the beauty of using mugs as part of a promotional campaign; with every sip of their tea or coffee, the owner sees your company information and it eventually becomes embedded in their memories. The next time they are in need of the service or product which you provide, they will immediately think of your company.

Bone china mugs are of a very high quality, but this does not necessarily mean that they are not affordable. ‘Quality over quantity’ is a somewhat overused phrase, but it really is true; by purchasing well made, bone china mugs which will last a lifetime, rather than piles of cheap mugs which will break after a few uses, you will be making an investment in your company which will be returned to you in the form of new customers again and again. Our bone china mugs come in a great range of styles and can be printed with your choice of image and text.

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