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Picking the perfect branded promotional mug

There are more to promotional mugs then you may first think, but talking to our team of promotional experts will ensure you order exactly what’s best for your organisation. Below, however, is a brief description of what’s available:

Acrylic Mugs are branded plastic mugs that are great for a young audience, or for a variety of situations where you really need the mugs to be practically unbreakable too. These plastic mugs are available in a wide variety of styles, and an even wider variety of vibrant colours and finishes. It’s not just mugs that are available; we also have a range of quality acrylic plates, bowls, cutlery - even promotional egg cups!

Bone china mugs are more refined than the ceramic models and are more appropriate for anniversary gifts or to keep in boardrooms. With Bone China, you have the luxury of finer china and purer colour, with the material both being stronger and a better insulator. Bone china promotional mugs can be more affordable then you think since low-cost options like the ‘Balmoral’ have been introduced.

Ceramic Mugs are the standard promotional mug type, with popular budget models including the ‘Sparta’ and ‘Cambridge’. Just because you buy ceramic, doesn’t mean your brand can’t look smart, with the particularly stylish ‘Metro’’ and ‘Prado’ models available. Many ceramic mugs are available in various glazes, while some can even be Pantone matched just for you.

Glassware can make for especially smart promotional items that can be used in a variety of situations. Branded pint glass, for example, are great for licensed premises to look particularly smart with, while quality tumblers and crystal items are great for corporate gifts for hard-working employees. All the classic pint glass shapes are available, as well more contemporary options for more modern premises.

Porcelain mugs are basically a mixture of Bone China and Ceramic material, with the aim of having the best of both worlds. The Porcelain range contains especially contemporary and stylish models, as well as some different glazing options.

Travel Mugs or Thermal mugs as they’re sometimes known are an ideal way for your brand to get out and about. These robust promotional mugs, don’t mind being knocked about and are good at keeping liquids both hot and cold. Promotional travel mugs can be particularly affordable, with vibrant plastic models for the budget conscious and stainless steel models for when you have a larger budget.

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