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Coffee and productivity go hand in hand

Keeping the workday at the office running smoothly can be a challenge; for many people, the ins and outs of running a business can take its toll on the morale and productivity of employees. However, there is a surprisingly easy way to help things along when you hit that mid-week slump. Recent research indicates that supplying employees with a free coffee service can help to improve the overall productivity of the office, as well as employee satisfaction.

Today, many businesses are cutting back on excess expenses and things like the provision of coffee and tea are often the first things to go. They may be seen as unnecessary or even time-wasting. But the reality is that an inexpensive coffee and tea service has plenty of benefits, as shown in recent studies by Flavia. Two-thirds of employees who took part in this study stated that the provision of free hot drinks at work made them feel that their employers cared about their well-being, whilst 43% of those surveyed believed that coffee helped to increase their productivity. Drinks with caffeine, such as tea and coffee, can help to improve concentration and increase energy levels when consumed in moderation, healthy amounts.

Some business owners may worry that providing free tea and coffee services may cause a decrease in efficiency, when in fact the opposite is the case. It was found that when coffee is not provided for employees in the workplace, a fifth of those working there will leave the office to purchase their coffee elsewhere, for a total of 15-20 minutes. These kinds of breaks add up to quite a pretty penny in term of loss of productivity and are far longer in duration than a break taken at the office for a quick cup of coffee. Short breaks, of about 5 minutes, can give employees that refreshment they need to work at their best.

So it seems clear that giving employees their daily caffeine boost is a win-win situation; it increases efficiency and ensures that employees know that the business owners care about their staff. Providing quality mugs is a standard part of a coffee service, nd a far more eco-friendly (and budget friendly!) way to serve hot drinks than in disposable cups. Take this idea a step further by adding your company name to these mugs, so that employees can help to promote business, even when they’re taking a well deserved break.

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