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A number of different ways to brand your mug!

A number of different ways to brand your mug! Take a look at inside rim printing, backstamps, gilding, sandblasting and handle flashes.

Inside Base Printing​

Inside base prints expand upon your initial message on the outer surface of the mug. Show a little individuality and have fun with this printing position.

Often a circular design is used to preserve the flow, though any transfer, or even a company mascot (as seen below) can be applied. Transfers are hand applied to the inside bottom surface and lined up so they are legible whilst drinking.


Backstamps offer a brilliant, authoritative way to further personalise your mugs. A company crest or motto works well on the circular exterior, which is visible when the mugs are stored or whilst drinking. This subtle printing position really adds an extra touch of class to any printed mug in our range.

Handle flashes

Looking for a hand-made feel for your personalised mugs? Whilst transfer printed logos convey company information in a precise and informative manner, handle flashes are a fun informal addition to the overall print. Each brush stroke is individually applied in a variety of colours to match the theme of your mugs.

Handle printing

As with inside printing, transfers can also be applied to the handle of many different mugs in our range.

Having your company website or telephone number on the handle creates an extra reference point for your brand, and potentially more custom when clients are looking for your company details - they are always within sight!

Gilding and Banding

Gilding adds an instant touch of class to a personalised mug. The thin gold or silver band is generally paired with a bone china mug - a spectacular combination fit for any prestigious event where your brand needs to be promoted effectively.

Banding creates a similar effect, but can be applied in a variety of colours to match the overall theme of your personalised mugs.

Inside Rim Printing

Inside rim printing is an innovative way to increase branding on personalised mugs. Don’t just consider the standard wrap-around print across the outside face, with transfer printing, many other avenues are also open. Rim prints are transfer applied to the mug and can be printed in any colour or design.

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